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What is Tsun Jo®?

Tsun Jo® is a strategy based martial art. The moves and training used are conceptually advanced, extremely effective and fit very well together to create a highly efficient and adaptable self-defense fighting method. 


This art was not designed for sport although much of it works well in sport fighting competition. There are parts of Tsun Jo®, however, that cannot be used in sports because it’s against sport rules. It is a fighting method that uses rapid fire straight punching as well as hooks, uppercuts and elbow strikes, low kicks and knee strikes. At close range pressure control (PC) is used to limit and control the opponent's balance to gain advantage. The art incorporates joint locking, choking, sticking and trapping. It is a method that works well for small or large people, male or female. Tsun Jo® is primarily an empty hand method of fighting although understanding the use of clubs, knives and firearms is also an important aspect of skill development. Additionally, the training is useful as a method of physical conditioning.

In Tsun Jo® schools, students are courteous and train safely. Instructors treat students with respect and work closely with them to ensure they are making progress and developing the skills intended. Proper interaction with training partners can serve as a model for positive participation within the larger human community.


Tsun Jo® stacks advantages upon advantages through its extremely effective moves, powerfully adaptive counters and follow ups, while using the most practical and functional skill producing training methods known. All of this adds up to giving you what we call, “The Fighter’s Edge."


Tsun Jo® training produces rapid results for the absolute best in self defense. 

It is a revolution in training. 

It is the evolution of martial art.