Head Instructor Matthew Soule

Matthew Soule is the Tsun Jo® System Director and Head Instructor of Greenlake Martial Arts. Prior to taking over as the System Director, he certified as a Senior Instructor and Black Belt of Tsun Jo® under System Founder, Sijo John N Beall. In addition to Tsun Jo®, Matt has been actively training in submission grappling since 2009.  Matt is a martial artist dedicated to learning and evolving, actively crosstraining in other martial arts disciplines and weapons handling.  His weapon’s training includes Tsun Jo® adapted Kali sticks as well as use and disarms of pistol, rifle, knife, stick, pipe and other common street weapons.


In 2016, Matt became a Certified Instructor of the Wim Hof Method. He was part of the first group of U.S. instructors and early pioneers to help bring this method to the world, and he is grateful to be part of this method that supports healthy and optimal living.


Matt brings patience, positivity and careful insight to each student, paying close attention to maximize results. He believes that it is critical to find the balance between pushing students and supporting them to achieve optimal results. Matt teaches a wide variety of classes weekly. 

Read Matt's full bio here. 

Instructor Fernando Martinez

Fernano Martinez is a Certified Tsun Jo® Instructor under Sijo John Beall.  lFernando grew up in South El Paso where self-defense was an everyday necessity.  As it was a family tradition for the young men in his family to join the Armed Forces, Fernando enlisted in the U. S. Army. Fernando served 3 years as an Airborne Ranger achieving the rank of Sgt.   During his time of service, Fernando was selected to join a High-Altitude Rescue Team.  As part of the final test, Fernando along with three other mountaineers summitted Mt. McKinley on July 30th, 1973.  After exiting the Army Fernando enrolled at the University of Texas at El Paso.  Upon graduation in 1980, Fernando, his wife Abby, and their 1-year old son Rafael moved to Seattle where Fernando pursued his professional career.


Living in the Seattle area, Fernando, Abby, and their four children have established themselves as Business Professionals, Community Members, and Community Advocates.

Fernando enjoys spending time with his family, working, reading, and training in the art of Tsun Jo®.  He brings his passion of helping students learn self-defense skills for protection of self and others, as well as key life experiences to his teaching of Tsun Jo®. 



Fernando's Comments on Wim Hof Method, January 29, 2018

"I began my Wim Hof Method training in October of 2017.   It took me the entire first half of 2017 to warm up to the idea of immersing myself in cold water.  

My initial training in breathing and cold therapy has exposed me to better understand my physical strengths and weaknesses.  The initial cold-water immersion at 42° painfully identified several areas of weakness such as broken bones and frostbite I had obtained many years prior.  These areas, unbeknownst to me, were weak and limiting.  Subsequent immersions at 35° and others not measured confirmed my initial findings.  The Wim Hof Method has allowed me to focus on these injuries, eliminate the pain, and strengthen my weaknesses.  Today I feel stronger.  More importantly, I never realized that the frostbite which I suffered in 1973 had long-term consequences.  I did not realize I had no real feeling in the affected fingertips and toes.  Because of the Wim Hof Method, in 2017 I have regained nerve sensation in those fingertips and toes.  I am enjoying the fact that I am rebuilding my physical strength to its full capacity!

I am excited to continue my Wim Hof journey.  Every day I immerse myself in cold water: I feel the fire from within; I feel my body energized; my mind alert; and ready for whatever I must face in the world."      


Instructor Fiona Morgan

As a Certified Tsun Jo® Instructor and Women's Self Defense Specialist at Greenlake Martial Arts, Fiona Morgan teaches adult classes, teen classes, Women's Self Defense, Women's Tsun Jo®, and private individual and group lessons. She is passionate about teaching self defense in a practical and engaging way, encouraging students to challenge themselves, apply their skills in scenarios, ask questions, and have fun as they train. In addition to her seven years of training at GMA, she also has six years' experience training in karate. Outside of teaching, Fiona works as an EMT and loves the opportunity to serve her community in these different capacities. And a warning for new students: she's a big nerd, so expect a lot of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references in class!

Instructor Scott Sanchez

Scott Sanchez is a Certified Instructor and self defense specialist under Tsun Jo® System Director Matthew Soule.  Scott Sanchez teaches youth students, adult students, private groups, workshops and private lessons at Greenlake Martial Arts. Scott has a strong passion for teaching and pushing others to reach their goals, overcome obstacles and have fun while learning to defend themselves. Scott teaches in a practical and realistic manner that encourages questions and a full understanding of the material.


Scott has a long background in athletics ranging from soccer to weight lifting to winter sports and trained in Karate during his youth. He teaches with an accumulation of all his knowledge in sports, sports injuries and body mechanics.

Instructor Zavere Weeks 


Zavere Weeks is a U.S Navy veteran and father.  He is a Certified Tsun Jo® Instructor and self defense specialist under System Director Matthew Soule.  As Zavere approached adulthood, he had a burning question of 'how he would fair in an actual physical conflict where his life was in danger'.  This question motivated him to join the military and begin experimenting with various martial arts.  Unfortunately, these early experiecences did not answer that fundamental question.  After Meeting Sijo John N Beall and Instructor Mathew Soule and training with them, he was convinced that these were the guides he was looking for and Tsun Jo®  was the way. Since joining the school in 2012 he has traveled extensively pursuing an education in Permaculture. Knowing and embodying Tsun Jo® principles provided a level of confidence that he would be able to protect himself no matter where he was in the world. The path of Tsun Jo® Wing Chun Kung Fu has led him to growth and development including training in Wim Hof Method.  He believes that martial arts provides a constant sharpening of one's self both physically and mentally.   



Instructor Jacob Greenleaf 


Jacob Greenleaf started at Greenlake Martial Arts in 1994, training predominantly under instructors Glen Wahl and Mark Silverstein, and Sijo John Beall.  He left the school in 1998 due to time constraints and life’s complications, but continued to practice what he remembered of the system in his private life, and always felt called to return to the school one day to resume training.  That day came in early 2017 when (thanks to prodding by a dear friend) Jacob bought a 10-class punch card just to “freshen up his skills,” and found thereafter that he could not stop coming back. Though rusty, the Tsun Jo ® system was still somewhat in his bones, and restarting training was like rekindling a great romance.  He means to train in Tsun Jo ® for the rest of his life.   Jacob is a Certified Instructor and self defense specialist under Tsun Jo® System Director Matthew Soule.


Jacob was born in Seattle in 1975, and grew up in the neighborhood, on 83rd and Roosevelt.  He spent a few adolescent years as a street kid, eventually finding his way back to straight life thanks to a loving father and some lucky breaks.  These days, he spends his non-training time working as an infrastructure engineer for a major local coffee company, playing music (anything acoustic with strings and frets), reading, cooking, and raising two wonderful kids half time.


Jacob likes to focus on the geometry of Tsun Jo ® as a means to better understanding martial arts generally, and upon the minutiae of the movements, as sometimes vanishingly small details make a world of difference to practice.  Jacob teaches the Thursday evening fundamentals adult class, and fills in where needed at other times, but can always be found at the evening adult classes, just about every day.


Instructor Aidan Fong 


Aidan Fong is a Certified Tsun Jo® Instructor and self defense specialist under System Director Matthew Soule. He joined the school in 2005 as a youth student where he gained coordination and confidence, and fell in love with martial arts, and Tsun Jo® in particular.
He started volunteering at the school in 2016, and started teaching Tsun Jo Youth classes two years later. Aidan brings knowledge gained from his time doing volunteer work with the Pacific Science Center, Upower a Seattle nonprofit that provides fitness and wellness education to underserved teens, and of course his time as a Youth Instructor at GMA.



Founder of Tsun Jo®,  Sijo John N Beall  

Sijo John N. Beall is the Founder for the Tsun Jo® organization. He has been training in martial arts for nearly 40 years and has been actively teaching his art since 1980. He has been involved in writing books and producing instructional videos of Tsun Jo®. He is also a successful inventor with several US patents of which some are martial arts training devices. Prior to the development of his own system, Sijo John Beall trained in a variety of fighting methods including Karate, Boxing, Judo and modern Wing Chun methods. Circumstances of his early environment also provided him with a background in street fighting. Other influences in the development of his art were two teachers, Ed Hart and James DeMile. Both of these men were Boxers, Ed Hart was a Judoka, and both were trained by Bruce Lee. Sijo John Beall.  He regularly teaches private lessons at his studio in Arlington, WA.

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