Enjoy highly effective self defense training that covers how to position your body, strike and kick efficiently and overwhelm the opponent. With an excellent safety record, our students receive top-notch training in a result-producing environment. Experienced instructors work with students to ensure they are making progress and developing the skills intended. ​

Tsun Jo® Wing Chun Self Defense​ 

Tsun Jo® is a strategy based martial art that helps the practitioner develop the most of what he or she has to maximize self defense.  The style largely descended from Bruce Lee's adapted Wing Chun Kung Fu.  The goal of Tsun Jo® is for survival fighting & is intended for ending an altercation as quickly as possible without taking damage. It focuses on what is absolutely essential. It does not contain forms of any kind. The training methods used such as a partner work, multiple striking and kicking surfaces and equipment, as well as other unique training methods have proven to provide the best results for time invested.


Tsun Jo classes are offered at the following times:

Monday 7:30p (all levels)

Tuesday 10:30a & 7:15p /Thursday 10:30a & 6:00p (Fundamentals)

Tuesday 6 p / Wednesday 6:15p (advanced students)

Saturday 11:00a (all levels)

Tsun Jo® Ground Defense Grappling​

Students have the option of learning Tsun Jo® Ground Defense Grappling.  This is largely based on No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, a form of submission grappling.  A t-shirt or rash guard and pants or shorts are worn instead of a gi or jacket.

If an altercation moves to the ground, do you know what to do?  Ground defense is an essential tool for a well rounded self defense practitioner.   Learn to escape locks, chokes, holds, and grabs as well as counterattacks while on the ground. In this class we emphasize strong camaraderie and no ego with our training partners in order to develop the skills intended.


Jiu Jitsu classes are offered at the following times:

Monday 6:15p

Saturday 12:30p

Open Training / Open Mat

Open training is a time for you to practice your skillwork solo or with training partners to improve your fundamentals.  


Regular practice and cross training leads to maximized performance, health & overall well-being.  We have a variety of equipment to use including head bags and heavy bags for striking / kicking, kicking / striking shields and focus mitts, mook jongs (wooden man), weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, TRX straps, gymnastic stallbars & more.  

Open training & s/c training included with membership. Check schedule for details.

Seattle self-defense workshop
Seattle Streetwise Workshops

Workshops with a singular focus.  These are real world self defense topics for students of GMAS as well as outside participants.  Examples include topics such as defense on the ground, closed house or office settings, getting attacked in an open space or area, held at gunpoint/gun disarms, knife defense/equalizers, traveling to a new area and basic safety awareness. All will have a foundational and structural base that covers four essential areas: how to recognize and avoid the dangerous situation, basic fighting skills, position and posture, environment.


Click here for more information.


Adult Classes at Greenlake Martial Arts School

Online Only

Monday, Wednesday: 4:00p–9:00p

Tuesday, Thursday: 9:30a– Noon, 5:30p - 8:30p

Saturday : 9:00a–2:00p


Available by phone

Monday – Thursday: 9:30a–7:30p

Saturday : 9:00a–2:00p

See full schedule.


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Seattle, WA 98115

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